Disposition Ismael Möri

“After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are artists as well”. 
Albert Einstein

Everyone should get better in science.
It increases the probability of making
a contribution to the world.

I am probably not  the smartest person at the table,
but for sure the most creative. 
I might not know, what I'm doing,
but I'm pretty decent at it.

FRICK this SYSTEM. Let's save the FUTURE!

Since childhood I had a strong fascination for the aesthetics of nature and for technology. During my studies to become an interaction designer, bionics became a central focus of my works. While searching for adaptive robotic systems, I came across the research of Aslan Miriyev. His pioneering work in the field of soft robotics, specifically the research of Soft Materials for Soft Actuation has brought him to Switzerland to Empa in Dübendorf. In my bachelor thesis, I would like to pursue a collaboration with Empa and with Aslan Miriyev. With my unconventional approach to the institute of Empa, my creative engagement with the subject matter and my skills as a designer in an experimental  and cutting edge technological environment I see vaste possibility of fruitful collaborations. The experience gained in a scientific environment, as well as the resulting new knowledge, would advance me as a designer and possibly even be a contributions to modern science.

Is it a problem that you want to solve or
an opportunity that presents itself?

I came across the publication of Aslan Miriyev's Soft Material-Actuator research results back in 2019.
His move from Columbia University USA to the Empa in Zurich seems to me a great stroke of luck.
From a purely theoretical exchange about my ideas
 a collaboration suddenly became within reach. 

What methods would you use to to answer the questions or prove your hypothesis?
I would like to to conduct my own experiments
under the guidance of one of the world's
leading scientists in the field of Soft Robotic and explore the principles of Physical Artificial Intelligence.

What makes you a suitable investigator?
People that had contact with me disagree about whether I am a genius or a psychopath.
But what everyone agrees on, is my enormous creative potential. I might not know what I'm doing, but I'm pretty decent at it. I am dedicated and full of passion with a deep fascination for the worlds mystery. All I do is focus and interact with an artistic playfulness.

What contribution do you hope to make?
Some innovations are groundbreaking. They can be massiv and instant, while other less significant achievements may not even be considered as advances at first. As science often only moves forward with the smallest of steps there is only acknowledgement as such in retrospect. Various discoveries are never even recognized in their own day and age. Perhaps my prototypes will inspire future generations of scientists to use their advanced knowledge to innovate and to bring my creatures back into existence [ link related projects ]

What is the topic/issue/phenomenon
that you aim to investigate?

Switzerland, especially Zurich is famous for being one of the top research centre worldwide. I am particularly fascinated by the pioneering work of Dr. Aslan Miriyev, who is working in the field off Digital Fabrication, Soft Robotics and Physical Artificial Intelligence at Empa in Dübendorf.

What research questions could you ask or what statements could you make?
Are the  enormous challenges faced by leading experts in scientific research fields creating a tendency in their way of thinking and working? Do the limited access and the academic hurdles have a negative impact on innovation? 
Which factors cause and favor the extraordinary innovative power of ETH and Zurich and how can I get involved? Which new insights from interacting and working with these scientific research fields can be transferred to my design skills, methods and philosophy?

What is your motivation for investigating this topic?
Every day and perhaps even every hour there's a scientist somewhere in the world making the next scientific breakthrough either working alone or as part of a team. Some of their discoveries have the potential to shape the future. The Designers challenge is then to implement scientific breakthroughs into an application, available  for all of society.

What difference would you make compared to prior projects who addressed this topic?
My access to cutting edge technologie, the institution, the people and the material was a lucky discovery driven by my curiosity. I would like to mix up the approaches in this highly scientific environment a bit. My way of thinking and working as well as my way of looking at things could lead to new interesting findings.